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Second Post- Week of Aug. 29-Sept. 2

Hello, class.


Please watch the following video (CLICK HERE) and answer the question below.


  • Using at least six (6) complete sentences, describe three (3) or more of the chemical reactions presented in the video AND its importance to humanity.


Use the following format to answer the previous question:


  1. Reaction: _________ (Write the name of the reaction in the underlined space)


(Write the 6 sentences here)


  1. Reaction: _________ (Write the name of the reaction in the underlined space)


(Write the 6 sentences here)


  1. Reaction: _________ (Write the name of the reaction in the underlined space)


(Write the 6 sentences here)




Thank you. Enjoy the rest of your Labor Day weekend!



First Post- Weekend of Aug 26-28

Hello, class.

Please watch the following video: HERE

And answer the following questions. Remember to turn it in on Monday to start working towards those bonus points we talked about. Have a great weekend!

  1. What does each white sphere represent?
  2. Was a new substance with a different chemical composition formed at the end of the video?
  3. What was represented in the video, a chemical change or a physical change? Justify your answer.


Hola, clase.

Por favor vean este video: AQUI

Contesten las proximas pregunras. Recuerden entregar las preguntas el lunes, ya que cuenta hacia los puntos de bono que hablamos en clase. Que pasen lindo fin de semana!

  1. Que represente cada esfera blanca?
  2. Al final del video, se formo una sustancia nueva con  una composicion quimica?
  3. Que se representa en el video, un cambio quimico o un cambio fisico? Justiica tu respuesta.

Welcome to Chemistry!

Welcome, students! I am so excited to have all of you in my class and I am very much looking forward to this brand new school year! It will be a fantastic year where we will have lots of fun and, most importantly, learn lots of chemistry! I honestly cannot wait!

I promise you all that chemistry is not this mystifying science. It is, indeed, very much all around us and comes into play in our everyday life. Likewise, chemistry is not an incomprehensible subject that only the smartest people can grasp. The men and women that contributed their part to the development of chemistry triumphed because they were relentless, persistent and gave their absolute best effort. This, my students, is the only one and true way to succeed at anything in life.

This blog was designed to give you all a glimpse into all  that I have talked about here. As mentioned in the Purpose tab, my goal is to humanize chemistry; that is, to make it more relatable.There is, however, a certain set of topics I am required to cover during every grade cycle and I cannot veer from this. So, I hope to accomplish said objective in the following way:

  • Every Friday I will post here either a short video or a short article relating to the topic that is or has currently being covered.
  • I will also provide some kind of prompt, usually in the form of short questions. This is to be turned in first thing the following Monday.
  • That Monday, we will discuss the post as a class.
    • Since this will be a group discussion, NO late work will be accepted.

The best thing, students, is that this will benefit all of you. For every SEVEN (7) of these prompts you turn in, you will receive TWENTY (20) EXTRA POINTS on your lowest test grade!! Think about this: There are 16 weeks in this Fall semester. This means that all of you have a chance to obtain FORTY (40) extra points to raise your lowest test score! In other words, you can literally go from a failing score to an A+ on a test. That’s a pretty sweet deal, if you ask me!

I hope that all of you will take advantage of this opportunity. Chemistry is fascinating and I wish to show this to all of you!

Until next time! 🙂


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