When sitting through a science class, have you ever thought to yourself:

  • How did they ever discover that?
  • How did they ever think to look for that?
  • Did the scientist or scientists who made this discovery just stumble on it?
  • What is the history of this discovery and of the scientist or scientists behind it?
  • Did they ever struggle?

I was also a student not too long ago and I asked myself these questions. numerous times! Unfortunately, it was up to me to find these answers on my own because they were not taught to me in high school or in college. Most of the time, I was taught science in a rigid way; only learning the facts, properties and mechanisms. It was fascinating, yes; but I was often left wondering who the people behind all of it really were.

My goal with this blog is to give you a glimpse of the history of chemistry; of the history behind the discoveries. I want to show you who the scientists were, their journey, their struggles, and their mindset. I believe that to understand and love chemistry –or any discipline, for that matter– you need to not only learn its inner workings, you also need to know its backstory.

In essence, the goal of this blog is to humanize chemistry. Please join me!